HPP (CUDA) Seminar March 2018

HPP (CUDA) Seminar March 2018

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Importance of Education

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7th Oct 2017’s Event Video

Read about this event here.

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आय टी चे मृगजळ

Ashish Sarode sent following link to sir

Name/ Author : Chinmay Gavankar
Publication Date : (6 June 2017 published on blog – this is original source, 10 June 2017 published on newstale.in)
Original link : http://gavankar.blogspot.in/2017/06/blog-post.html
Additional link : http://www.newstale.in/view_details.php?news_id=150
अगदी हे आणि असंच गेली १५ वर्ष सर कळकळीनं आेरडत आहेत.
त्यासाठीच तर सरांनी “Undoing Lord Macaulay” हे अभियान सुरु केलं.
चला, अजून कुणीतरी आहे असा विचार करणारं…. हेही नसे थोडके !

—– रमा विजय गोखले

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Gokhale sir is AAE (ARM Accredited Engineer)

Hello Students ,

01) Link of author of “Professional Embedded ARM Development” : James Langbridge

02) Link About His AAE Experience In His Own Words :
Mail from ARM

03) Link for ARM Connected Community Blog Link :

Score Report




Regards ,
Dr. Vijay Gokhale.

Many Many congratulations for becoming AAE  to Dr. Vijay Gokhale sir from all students.

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Javascript Automation Client

 Run method:
1) Just open the html client page in Internet Explorer.
2) Accept the warnings given by IE and click on ‘Allow blocked contents
3) Provide two sample integer values in Num1 and Num2‘s text boxes
4) Click on ‘Call COM Method’ button and Click on ‘Yes’ if prompted by browser.
5) Check the output in message boxes prompted by IE.
I have tested it on Internet Explorer 11 , Windows 8.1 x64bit and 32bit COM Automation component(same which is used for Python Client). Only limitation of Java Script client is, it runs only on Internet Explorer.
Download : JavaScript Client
by : Jeevan Gaikwad
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Automation Python Client(32bit) and more

I have written a python script to use our COM Component in Python. I learned basic Python syntax for our client. I have used Python 2.7.10(32bit) version on Windows 8.1(64bit). I have added the extension comtypes to Python installation which supports Python 32 bit. That’s why I had to create our 32bit Automation server component. This extension allows us to support COM components. I have tested the Python Script and working good. 🙂 Please find the attached script file.
It took 2 days to work around this and for Java script client(did not get success). I have also tried C client. It’s very good. I feel, it actually gives us a idea about how CPP’s class must be written in C(header file for C client is highly noteworthy) and also gives clear idea about virtual function table, its actual use via lpvtbl pointer.
As you said, C# does not use our IDispatch but directly calls those two methods via custom interface, I had put message boxes in the IDispatch’s functions and observed the same behavior. In case of VB client, it uses our IDispatch. In case of Python client, I observed that it is not using IDispatch but directly calls CoCreateInstance for our provided interface(here it’s IMyMath). It uses our registered type library. We can easily call QI in Python client to get desired interface pointer.

1) Download Python 2.7.10(32bit)
2) Download comtypes extension
3) comtypes documentation
4) Python Client help on codeproject

Our sessions on why Java/.NET came and now why WinRT introduced, were really good. I enjoyed them and we got the clear idea “How should we start learning a technology and How it should be taught”. Thank you.

Note: Rename PythonClient from .txt to .py

By: Jeevan Gaikwad

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COM Automation Program via command line instructions

To develop COM Automation program through Visual Studio takes significant efforts to make custom settings. To reduce these efforts and to compile and link programs easily, command line instructions have been provided in this file.
Automation Commands

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Inside COM book programs

Please download the programs from following link
COM Programs From Dale Rogerson’s Inside COM

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WRL Class Library

Download the code from here

reference : http://www.global-webnet.com/blog/post/2013/11/13/WRLClassLibrary-for-Visual-Studio-2013.aspx.

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