UNIX Admissions for 2017 Batch

Hello Students,

This is me, Dr. Vijay D. Gokhale.

If you are aware of my initiative of ‘Undoing Lord Macaulay Myth’ and efforts of ‘Fighting With Academic Cancer’, then you must know that you can do both with one single philosophy : ‘Life For The Knowledge, By The Knowledge And Of The Knowledge.’

So how to do that? It begins with learning Operating System (OS). Learning any OS will do, but what if you learn that OS which gave birth to all other modern OSs?
Yes, that OS is UNIX.

Some may say that UNIX belongs to the 70’s and is thus outdated. But nothing gets outdated in knowledge. Instead, new things are built upon the strong foundation of old things and you can understand new things at their level best if you already know old things best.

Hence, UNIX is still a part of the syllabus for all Computer Science Courses by many universities worldwide including Pune University courses like MSc, MCA And Engineering.

After learning internals of UNIX, you can understand internals of any/all other OS like :
– Linux : Which is Free UNIX although it calls itself ‘GNU’.
– Mac OS X : It is stated on Apple’s website that Mac OS X is based upon Rock Solid Unix Philosophy.
– iOS : It is a small footprint of Mac OS X.
– Android : It is ‘Androdized’ Linux.
– Windows : Its concepts are inspired(?) by Unix, Mac, OS/2 and VMS.

So How to learn UNIX? Rather the question is : How to learn any OS?
According to me, there should be 4 steps :
01) Be End User of that OS
02) Be Developer of that OS.
03) Be Administrator of that OS.
04) Be Designer of that OS.

For UNIX, I sought about 27 books to accomplish above 4 steps. Believe me, after reading/understanding/applying any 5 of them ( 1 from 5 categories each ), you will be safe from academic cancer. You will deserve the job you get. UNIX will mature you.

But Learning UNIX, is not everybody’s cup of tea. It is a divine task or say तपश्चर्या.
It requires eternal patience.

The Great UNIX people also stated the same :

– UNIX and the Onion have one thing in common and that is ‘Both lead to tears as you go
deeper and deeper’: A Quote From ‘The Magic Garden Explained’ by Berny Goodheart .

This is similar to the experiences of all Saints and Angels and Yoga people when they
delve deep into their conscience to find answer to the question – “WHO AM I?”

– UNIX is based on Life’s philosophy – ‘Files have spaces and Processes have lives’ : A Quote By Kaare Christian.

This is very similar to प्रकृति-पुरुष सिद्धान्त in सांख्य तत्वज्ञान Or Adam-Eve from Bible.
Seriously, I mean it.

The first and the best book I have read about the design philosophy of UNIX is :
“The Design Of The Unix Operating System” By Maurice J. Bach, which is not at all trivial.
[ This is one of those books referred by Linus Torvalds himself before writing Linux. This is mentioned in ‘Understanding The Linux Kernel : By Cesati And Bovet’ ]

People who read ‘Bach’ ( Not for Exam-Going purpose ), will surely agree with me that this book says so many things without saying anything or just saying something. Simply speaking, there are too many ‘between-the-lines’ to understand from this book, although it is considerably small in size. Try comparing this book with K&R’s ‘C’ book or Stroustrup’s C++ book. Both are not trivial, although they are the definitively ‘must’ read.

More than two decades ago, I was a director from Drama background and thus I needed to understand the author’s ‘between-the-lines’ with all meaningful ‘pregnant pauses’. So when I read this book with all those ‘between-the-lines’, I came to know that the best way to understand this book is ‘repetition, repetition and repetition’
( भावाभ्यसनमभ्यासशीलनम् सततक्रिया|)
and the best way of ‘repetition’ is ‘teaching’. As I am also a Doctor, and a teacher of medical subjects since 1992, the obvious choice was – I started teaching this book from 2003.

For the last 14 years I am teaching this book once per year for 4.5 months from Mid-December to April-End. Ever since, I have never looked back. I have never felt lack of students. The reason is probably my teaching method of linking this book’s philosophy with the philosophy of everybody’s life. Students have also learnt this book so passionately, that a few of them had agreed to stand throughout the course when there was no place to sit, even if they paid full fees in advance. It sounds romantic but, this is a fact. You may think that all of this makes no sense. But it did and it still does!! This reminds me of Mr. Dilip Kumar, the great legendary Hindi film actor, who once said in the movie ‘दिल दिया दर्द लिया’ ( based on ‘Wuthering Heights’ ) :
“ये दिलवालोंकी बात है मुरलि, इसे दिलवालेहि समझ सकते हैं।”

So, what I am saying is : This year’s UNIX batch is starting from 18th December, 2017.
For last 14 years I am running UNIX System Design batches :

a) with a house-full quorum :
b) Without any advertisements/ banner/ pamphlets/ warrantees/ guarantees/ computers/ cubicles/ A.C.
c) With गुरुकुल-like orthodox, school environment and fees that have been decided by the students of the previous batches.
d) Without any syllabus or job or exam orientation.
e) . . . with many other Noes and Don’ts.

Then an obvious question is bound to arise :
Why am I writing this now? Is it not an advertisement or marketing?

No, not at all !!!
UNIX never needs marketing, neither do I.
You don’t need to join my classes to learn UNIX.
Rather, you should do this on your own, just like I did.
You can do so by getting the list of 27 books from any previous batch student from my class and following the 4-step path I mentioned earlier.

Then why am I doing this?
Normally my previous batch is the source for my next batch. So I have never needed any sort of campaigning. But this time, as I mentioned at the top of this draft, I came across many Engineering college faculties and students. After attending my lectures, they suggested in their written feedbacks to keep them informed about all my upcoming seminars and class-batches. I found this as an elegant way to communicate with all of them ‘at once’.

Who should not join?
First 3 lectures will be free to all. Limit will be the hall capacity.
During these 3 lectures, you will get time to decide whether to join or not.
Although, a few conditions are crucial and hence must be mentioned before-hand
(even before the introductory 3 lectures) :

– Class timing will be late in the evening : 08:45 PM to 10:30 PM.
This timing has been decided considering both ‘company going’ and ‘college going’ students. Women-safety is of utmost importance. So, please do consider joining if and only if it is possible and convenient. Although there are many girls who have already completed the course or are doing so irrespective of all obstacles. I salute them.

– This class is not for any Syllabus or Job or Exam.
Learning UNIX is learning life and everybody will agree with me to the fact that
life is neither syllabus nor job nor exam.

Language of teaching is मराठी ( there is no political motivation behind this ).
Many of my C-DAC students with ‘Hindi’ mother tongue did UNIX very well.
Unbelievable but true, one Irani and one Iraqi student have also attended UNIX lectures.
Don’t ask me whether they understood or not. The answer is simple : I don’t know.

Who should join?
– If You want to learn OS design from scratch and cannot read ‘between-the-lines’ from books OR
– If you want to learn OS design with experiences and morals from your life OR
– You want to be ‘Neo’ from ‘The Matrix’ and you are waiting for ‘Morpheus’ to give you the red-pill, THEN WELCOME AND SEE, HOW DEEP THE RABBIT-HOLE GOES !!!

Following message is from Admin, Astromedicomp.org :

Admission Process
Admission process will be conducted on the First Come First Serve basis, at the given venue and the provided date and time (details are following). This procedure is for new candidates only (first time UNIX batch).
All candidates must bring the photo for the Identity card and Identity proof .
Identity proof must be original and legitimate.
One of the following is considered as the valid photo-ID proof :

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Election card
  3. Passport
  4. PAN Card
  5. Driving License.

Admission Dates & Time:
10th Dec 2017 (Sunday)

Girls : from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM.

Professionals : from 02:30 PM to 03:30 PM.

Boys : from 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM.

Admission and Class Venue :
Anandashram, Next to NMV Boys High School, Bajirao Road, Pune.

Class Starts :
From 18th Dec 2017, every Mon, Tue, Wed,
08:45 PM to 10:30 PM.

Rs. 6500 + Rs. 1170 (Service Tax: 18%) = Rs. 7670/-

(Payment is accepted only in cash or via cheque. No part payment is allowed.)


  • We are posting this notice well in advance to give you enough time to arrange the documents and to ask any queries.
  • If you are a professional, then kindly contact Admin, email him for documents to show as proof of work at  : admin@astromedicomp.org . If no email is communicated, then you will be considered in students category only.
  • College/Company Identity cards will not be considered as a valid photo-ID proof for the admission.
  • Sending email to admin, does not confirm your admission. You must follow the procedure on the day of admission.
  • Only Email-queries will be entertained.
  • Old Students who want to attend UNIX 2017 batch again, a separate notice will be posted on Facebook group for same.

For any queries, contact : 
Shrenik Vikam, admin@astromedicomp.org

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Importance of Education

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7th Oct 2017’s Event Video

Read about this event here.

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आय टी चे मृगजळ

Ashish Sarode sent following link to sir

Name/ Author : Chinmay Gavankar
Publication Date : (6 June 2017 published on blog – this is original source, 10 June 2017 published on newstale.in)
Original link : http://gavankar.blogspot.in/2017/06/blog-post.html
Additional link : http://www.newstale.in/view_details.php?news_id=150
अगदी हे आणि असंच गेली १५ वर्ष सर कळकळीनं आेरडत आहेत.
त्यासाठीच तर सरांनी “Undoing Lord Macaulay” हे अभियान सुरु केलं.
चला, अजून कुणीतरी आहे असा विचार करणारं…. हेही नसे थोडके !

—– रमा विजय गोखले

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Gokhale sir is AAE (ARM Accredited Engineer)

Hello Students ,

01) Link of author of “Professional Embedded ARM Development” : James Langbridge

02) Link About His AAE Experience In His Own Words :
Mail from ARM

03) Link for ARM Connected Community Blog Link :

Score Report




Regards ,
Dr. Vijay Gokhale.

Many Many congratulations for becoming AAE  to Dr. Vijay Gokhale sir from all students.

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Javascript Automation Client

 Run method:
1) Just open the html client page in Internet Explorer.
2) Accept the warnings given by IE and click on ‘Allow blocked contents
3) Provide two sample integer values in Num1 and Num2‘s text boxes
4) Click on ‘Call COM Method’ button and Click on ‘Yes’ if prompted by browser.
5) Check the output in message boxes prompted by IE.
I have tested it on Internet Explorer 11 , Windows 8.1 x64bit and 32bit COM Automation component(same which is used for Python Client). Only limitation of Java Script client is, it runs only on Internet Explorer.
Download : JavaScript Client
by : Jeevan Gaikwad
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Automation Python Client(32bit) and more

I have written a python script to use our COM Component in Python. I learned basic Python syntax for our client. I have used Python 2.7.10(32bit) version on Windows 8.1(64bit). I have added the extension comtypes to Python installation which supports Python 32 bit. That’s why I had to create our 32bit Automation server component. This extension allows us to support COM components. I have tested the Python Script and working good. 🙂 Please find the attached script file.
It took 2 days to work around this and for Java script client(did not get success). I have also tried C client. It’s very good. I feel, it actually gives us a idea about how CPP’s class must be written in C(header file for C client is highly noteworthy) and also gives clear idea about virtual function table, its actual use via lpvtbl pointer.
As you said, C# does not use our IDispatch but directly calls those two methods via custom interface, I had put message boxes in the IDispatch’s functions and observed the same behavior. In case of VB client, it uses our IDispatch. In case of Python client, I observed that it is not using IDispatch but directly calls CoCreateInstance for our provided interface(here it’s IMyMath). It uses our registered type library. We can easily call QI in Python client to get desired interface pointer.

1) Download Python 2.7.10(32bit)
2) Download comtypes extension
3) comtypes documentation
4) Python Client help on codeproject

Our sessions on why Java/.NET came and now why WinRT introduced, were really good. I enjoyed them and we got the clear idea “How should we start learning a technology and How it should be taught”. Thank you.

Note: Rename PythonClient from .txt to .py

By: Jeevan Gaikwad

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COM Automation Program via command line instructions

To develop COM Automation program through Visual Studio takes significant efforts to make custom settings. To reduce these efforts and to compile and link programs easily, command line instructions have been provided in this file.
Automation Commands

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Inside COM book programs

Please download the programs from following link
COM Programs From Dale Rogerson’s Inside COM

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WRL Class Library

Download the code from here

reference : http://www.global-webnet.com/blog/post/2013/11/13/WRLClassLibrary-for-Visual-Studio-2013.aspx.

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