Multi-OS Installation Sept 2017

Seminar on Multiple Operating Systems Installation on One Computer


Conducted by: Sunbeam Institute of Technology

Dates and Timings: 
Saturday, 23rd September 2017 (02:00 pm to 08:30 pm)
Sunday, 24th September 2017 (11:00 am to 01:00 pm and 02:00 pm to 08:30 pm)

Fees: 1500 /- (Cash only).

‘C’ Building,
SunBeam Institute of Information Technology
‘Sunbeam’, Plot No.R/2, Market Yard Road,
Behind Hotel Fulora, Gultekdi, Pune -411037.
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Registration Procedure:
Registration Link:

Group A: People staying outside Pune or living far away from Sunbeam or Class
Register at and follow the instructions given there. (Online payment facility is also available.)

Group B: Those who are ‘current’ class students
You have 2 options:

1) Register at
2) Generate the Challan Copies with all things filled up.
3) Alike other seminars, come to class and representatives will collect funds on class days (Mon, Tues, Wed) from 08:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Please get Challan Copies along with, so we (Volunteer) can give the Signed Student Copy.

Register at and follow the instructions given there. (Online payment facility is also available.)

Class Address: Anandashram, Near NMV Boys School, Bajirao Road, Pune.
Landmark: Appa Balawant Chowk
Contact Person: Nihara Kulkarni.

Group C: Others
Only if space is available, first come first basis: Come on the spot 1 hour before the seminar start time.

For any queries, mail to: or call: +91-20-65330101, 65330202
Contents of the Seminar:

(In Dr. Vijay D. Gokhale Sir’s own words…..)

Hello Students/Friends,

Please Read the Following Carefully to Avoid Misunderstandings and Losses:

[Please be patient while reading this content. I assure, you will not regret.]

As I told you during “Computer Fundamentals Workshop” that these are “those” Fundamentals which we Indian IT people may not know or may not understand and still pretend to deserve our degrees and jobs and salaries. That is why we are being called as “Cheap Unskilled Liar Labors”, and that is how “CANCER SPREADS”.

Similarly, this “Multi-OS Installation Workshop” is not only about installing 8 Operating Systems on 1 machine, but about many other things like:

01) Why?: Necessity/Benefits,

02) BIOS With Respect To OS Installation,

03) EMT64/i386/x86/IA64/x64/x86_64 Terminology,


05) Boot Sector With Respect toOS Installation,


07) Partition Table,

08) MBR Partitioning Scheme,

09) GUID Partition Table (GPT) Partitioning Scheme, Supported OSs,

10) Disk Cylinder/Head/Sector/LBA/LVM,

11) Partitioning Commands, Tools,

12) Capacities and Limitations of Hard Disks,

13) Booting (Live CD/LiveUSB),

14) Seven Boot Loaders and RAM-Disks,

15) GRUB/NLDR Tweaking, Chain-loading, Configurations and Installations,

16) File Systems and their Identifiers,

17) Quick Format and Low Level or “0” Level Format of Disks,

18) Specialties of Operating Systems with respect to their Order of Installations,

19) Flavours/Distros of UNIX/Linux,

20) ACPI Tables/DSDT/SSDT/BUS Ratio,

21) System Files of Different Operating Systems,

22) Types of GUIs,

23) Linux and Other OS Terminology of Disk,

24) Mounting,

25) GRUB2 Configuration,

26) Hibernation of New Windows OS,

27) MBR/NTLDR/BootMGR/GRUB/GPT Troubleshooting Commands,

28) Virtualisation – Concepts, Types, Examples,

29) Emulator/Simulator Difference and Examples,

30) Apple Mac OS X: Macintosh/Hackintosh,

Following 8 Operating Systems will be used for installations:
[I will tell you why I particularly chose these 8 OSs.]

6 for Native Installation + 2 for Virtual Machine Installation (VirtualBox):

01) Microsoft Windows 7 – 32 Bit

02) PC-BSD – 64 Bit

03) Microsoft Windows 8.1 – 64 Bit

04) Open SuSE Linux – 64 Bit

05) Red Hat Fedora Core – 64 Bit

06) Apple Mac OS X – 64 Bit

07) Ubuntu – 64 Bit

08) Microsoft Windows 2012 Server – 64 Bit

At the end of workshop, there will be DEMOS of my Multi-OS laptop and applications:
[Few attend this workshop again-and-again just to see this.]

A] Rarely seen OSs:
Which are “unthinkable” for many people to have on laptop:

01) MS-DOS 6.22

02) Windows 3.1

03) SCO UnixWare (The actual PC UNIX)

04) Novel Netware

05) Full featured Mac OS X without Mac

B] OpenGL-CUDA Demos: “Graphics Programming of Realism”
Something that IT people say “impossible” for one person to do.

– Brain with full of whys and hows about computers.

– Mind with passion and patience of learning.

– A notebook and a pen.

– It is recommended but not must to have “Computer Fundamentals Workshop” already attended.

Installation notes with few CD/DVDs will be provided to you.

*What it is NOT about:
– Network Installation/Administration (PXE Boot) :
Topic of a separate workshop.

– Post-OS Troubleshooting:
So many troubles are there and you cannot make everybody happy at all times.
Although some vital tips are given in workshop.

– Laptop Installation/Troubleshooting:
Whose warranty period is still going on.
I found that Laptop service centre people complain about this.
Usually Laptop is much expensive and bought by parents’ money.

– Cloud OS/Distributed OS:
This is matter of multiple machines/nodes/clusters.

– Embedded/Mobile OS:
I have separate workshop for this, which includes –
Kernel Customization and Cross-Compile Toolchain Programming.

*Who should NOT attend:
– Those who are Syllabus/Examination/Job oriented.

– Those who are unable to sit/see/hear for long time (I mean it).

– Those who are unable to put their mobiles/Facebook/WhatsApp “SWITCHED-OFF”.

– Those who are ALWAYS busy for weekends.

– Those who are tired/bored of learning (Really, I mean it).

– Those who are market driven rather than passion driven.

– Those who are managing “doers” rather than being one.

– Those who are not comfortable in Hindi language, as seminar will be conducted in Hindi.

Special Precaution:
Workshop time may extend up to around 09:00 PM. “WOMEN SAFETY” is at utmost priority.
So please reconsider in case of time and pickup constraints.

A duly signed certificate of attendance of this workshop will be given.
[I am writing this the “last”, because I want you to value it the “least”]

I heard from many students that they get good jobs by understanding and doing Multi-OS installation on their laptops.

Dr. Vijay D Gokhale.

NOTE:   No Snacks and/or Beverages will be served.