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This is devevloped by Dr. Vijay D. Gokhale in WebGL

OpenGL Seminar (Part I)

Hello My Past-Present-Future Students,

Before proceeding, just take a look at what the attendee students of previous OpenGL Seminar Cycle did.
Go to this link: Link

So, from last cycle, we have started 2 things -
1. Introductory seminars for OpenGL and CUDA
2. A full-time course of "Real Time Rendering" including OpenGL, OpenGL-ES, WebGL and Direct3D!

The response for above 2 things was and is OVERWHELMING. You can ask who attended these.


Now let's get to know more about this seminar :
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What is OpenGL?:

It is a low level API for communicating directly with the Graphics Card/Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) to create stunning 2D and 3D Computer Graphics/Digital Image Processing/Visual Effects/Visual Simulations-like applications to render real time/real world/movie quality images. Simply speaking, OpenGL is an online rendering technology to render 2D/3D images on raster output devices like the monitor.
[ Same definition goes for Direct3D and Vulkan ]

What you can do after learning OpenGL?:

Using OpenGL like offline/online rendering technology, you can “Programmatically” :

a) Create Any/all 3D games.
b) Create Content Creation softwares like AutoCAD/3DS-Max/Maya/Cinema4D/Z-Brush/Blender.
c) Create Star Wars/Jurassic Park/Terminator/Avatar/The Lord Of The Rings/Harry Potter/TRON/Avengers movies' special effects.
d) Create any/all types of real time 2D/3D animations.
e) Create Creative Visualisations that we see in TV/Movie/Web advertisements.
f) Create Scientific Visualisations in fields of Medical/Pharmaceutical/Astronomical/Molecular/Automobile etc.
g) Create any/all Computer Graphics related implementations.
h) Create any/all Digital Image Processing related implementations.
i) Creating any/all above on any iOS or Android Mobile/Pad by using OpenGL-ES.
j) Creating any/all above on any “Enabled” web browser by using WebGL.
k) etc.
[ Wherever I used the word “etc” in above listing, I am forced to stop not by choice, but by my limitations. ]


How will be the seminars?:

Seminar 1: 2 days for OpenGL using Fixed Function Pipeline ( the seminar in subject ).

Seminar 2: 2 days for Native Windowing application development for Windows/Linux.

Seminar 3: 2 days for OpenGL using Programmable Pipeline by converting few of our Fixed Function Pipeline Applications to their Programmable Pipeline equivalents.

* [ Contents of 2nd and 3rd seminar will be revealed later. ]

Please note that, 2nd and 3rd seminar will strictly depend upon your response - both, by number and by acceptance.


What are the prerequisites?:

The answer is in a single line : Eternal passion, Eternal patience and Eternal persistence.
Though the answer above is philosophical, it is applicable to all sorts of learning.

Practically speaking, for OpenGL, there are only 2 prerequisites :
a) You must love Coding. I mean lots and lots of coding.
b) You must be comfortable with the C programming language and data structures.


What are the possible contents of this OpenGL seminar?

01) History of rendering and OpenGL.
02) Many OpenGL and Rendering related terminologies.
03) OpenGL pipelines : Fixed Function (FFP) and Programmable.
04) Why we chose FFP for this seminar?

* Relevant topics from following list will be taught with step by step live coding :
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

* Windows
- - - - - -

05) About Windows based OpenGL support.
06) OpenGL program template [ OpenGL Coloured Window just like OpenGL’s Hello World ]
07) One colourless 2D Object ( triangle )
08) Two colourless 2D Objects with Transformation ( triangle and square )
09) Two coloured 2D Objects ( triangle and square )
10) 2D Rotation ( triangle and square )
11) 3D Rotation ( pyramid and cube )
12) Texturing ( pyramid and cube )
13) Lighting ( pyramid and cube )
14) Model Rendering ( textured and lit teapot )

* Linux
- - - - -

15) About Linux based OpenGL support.
16) OpenGL program template [ OpenGL Coloured Window just like OpenGL’s Hello World ]
17) Building and Executing the textured pyramid and cube application.

* Final Demos


What this seminar is NOT about?

- It is not about theory. Some theory will be there. Majorly, this seminar is about coding.

- It is not about Computer Graphics as a subject.
Although learning Computer Graphics after this seminar will be not only easy, but fun as well.

- It is not about Programmable Pipeline. Although, as explained above, your response may drive us for 2nd and 3rd seminar.

- It is not about DirectX/Direct3D.
This is because DirectX/Direct3D has a HUGE prerequisite : Component Object Model (COM).
Also, it deserves a separate full length seminar.

- It is not about working in 3D Content softwares like AutoCAD, 3DS-Max, Maya, Blender.
Although, all of these softwares are internally built upon OpenGL/Direct3D-like APIs.

Who should attend this seminar?

After discussing so many things, the answer to this question is now obvious :
The one who understood each and every line from this document.

Who should not attend this seminar?

- Those who already know all of above content (?)

- Those who have decided to learn OpenGL on their own.

- Those who can learn from books/videos etc.

- Those who think the fees should be less and contents should be more.

- Those who need this seminar for free.

- Those who have never coded yet and not comfortable with C/Data Structures.
[ Hello World in TurboC/VisualC++/gcc is not enough. ]

- Those who are Syllabus/Examination/Job oriented.

- Those who are unable to sit/see/hear for long time.

- Those who are unable to put their mobiles and facebook/whatsapp/twitter “SWITCHED-OFF”.

- Those who are ALWAYS busy for weekends.

- Those who are tired/bored of learning new things.

- Those who are market driven rather than passion driven.

- Those who are managing the doers rather than being a doer.

What should we bring along to the seminar?

- Passion, patience and persistence.

- Laptops are not required. Don’t even consider bringing them.

- One Notebook and a Pen are more than enough.

- We will mail you the code of applications 1 week before the seminar. Download and bring their printouts for your reference during seminar. This is must, because there will be line by line explaination of the code.

Notes/CDs/DVDs :

No Notes/CDs/DVDs will be provided.
You are expected to see live, hear live and write live.

Special Precaution :

Workshop may end around 9-00 PM. ’WOMEN SAFETY’ is at utmost priority. So please reconsider in case of time and pickup constraints.


We like to see magic, but we never, for once, try to create our own.
Because we fear to learn.
Because we learn only to earn.
Try once, to earn from whatever you learn.
That will do all the magic required.
I did that . . . . .
I am doing that . . . . .
I shall always do that . . . . .
Will you?