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Technical Credentials
Dr. Vijay Gokhale

It’s said that life is integrated but observer is analytic. Therefore, although we will take analytic journey through the multi-dimensional achievements of Dr. Vijay D. Gokhale, his impact on the organization as a technical director and as a person, is more than just the sum of parts. By formal education, he is a doctor of human body and has BAMS (आयुर्वेद) degree. In depth study of this very complex system, at the start of his career,  later on became a rich source of analogies while mastering other fields which gave rise to his  core “Knowledge is Interrelated”  philosophy. The impact of this principle is so deep that it runs like an invisible thread not only through his life but also through the work culture of the organizations he is affiliated with.

During the medical college period [1986-1991], to fight his internal demons of somewhat suppressed personality, which were the result of the environment he grew in, he entered the world of drama. It is here that the artist in him blossomed and his latent creative urges found an expression.  He succeeded here as a director, winning the accolades of the classes and the masses alike.

Science education, coupled with his expanded vistas of personality, he once challenged the rationale and workings of astrology which happened to be his father’s field of expertise. His father dealt with this scepticism in a very pragmatic manner and did not force his belief on the son, which was a norm at that time. Instead his father invited him to study the field for himself and then asked to come to a conclusion. This resulted not only in Dr. Vijay D. Gokhale, mastering the field of astrology but also resulted in him acquiring a habit of doing everything first hand before coming to a conclusion. Formally, he earned three educational degrees in Jyotish viz. “Jyotish Visharad” (ज्योतिष विशारद), “Jyotish Shastri”(ज्योतिष शास्त्री) and “Krushnamurti Visharad” (कृष्णमूर्ती विशारद). Thereby, he learned to do astronomical calculations (pertaining to planetary motion), involving complex mathematics, all by himself, instead of looking into the ready-made charts (पंचांग). Little did he know then, that his expertise in medical sciences, astronomical calculations, his blind love for drama, and habit of doing everything first hand was all going to come together, to make him one of the most outstanding computer programmers. But then again, one can connect the dots only looking backwards.

After finishing the education, he started taking private tuition for medical students, first of their kind in Pune. The decision to start teaching was not a conscious one but was rather shaped by the circumstances. But unknowingly he already had acquired two essential ingredients of a good teacher viz. ability to interrelate the things and bringing art into the science. Later on, he made a conscious use of these two qualities and took the art of teaching to a new level. He taught anatomy, physiology, pathology, medicine and surgery for over 15 years and pharmacology for two years [1991-2006].

At the same time, to pursue his love for drama, he started the theatrical drama academy called “Pratibimb”. He ran it from 1991 to 1996. Although it excelled in theater  it could not sustain economically and soon Dr. Vijay D. Gokhale found himself under heavy debt. To compensate for the losses, he finally decided that he would use his skills with astronomical calculations to prepare natal charts, to earn side income, keeping teaching as the main profession.  [1996]

It was later suggested to him that computational part in the preparation of natal charts could be delegated to a computer and it would make things efficient by the orders of the magnitude. He then bought a new computer impulsively, not to mention adding to his debt, only to learn later that he had to buy software to make use of it for the intended purpose. The software was costing almost as much as the computer did. Here the habit of doing everything first hands helped him. He decided to write software for “Jyotish” himself! His decision was nothing short of audacious considering the fact that he did not even know then how to operate a computer properly. Perhaps, sometimes ignorance is really bliss! Disregarding the complexity of a task at hand, he kept his head down, focused on one thing at a time, showed extreme engineering approach and single-handedly wrote the “Jyotish” Software worth 150 thousand lines of C code, in Win 32 SDK.

When he was done writing the software he had realized that computer programming was his next passion and after all he need not prepare natal charts for the financial gains. Later on he taught himself myriads of programming technologies, on various operating system platforms. Although he programmed extensively on the Windows and the Linux, it is on the Apple computers that he could combine his programming and artistic skills. And what better field could he have chosen than multimedia! He had become a director again! But this time stage was a computer system, the script was a running program and the actors were various programming technologies he had mastered. He then appeared for Apple’s Final Cut Pro certification examinations to become the first person from the Indian subcontinent to be awarded with “Final Cut Studio Master”.

He extended his expertise to real time rendering (OpenGL and DirectX), parallel computing and GPGPU as well. As of now [2013] he is doing further work in real time rendering and GPGPU. [Domain-wise description of his software skill-set appears at the end.]

He is currently working as a technical director, in all of the following companies:

Apart from role as a technical director in these companies, he runs private tuition class, where he teaches “Unix System Design” in one semester and “Win 32 SDK, COM and .NET internal architecture” in another. [2003-now] He runs this private class strongly adhering to “Gurukul”* ethos. One of the salient features of his teaching is that he imparts not only the technical content but also “Sanskars”**.  He is very respected and adored amongst his students. These sentiments are captured in the web-site,   http://astromedicomp.org/  which is run by the students and for the students.

His message can be summarized into five rules

  1. Never compare yourself with other, always compare yourself with yourself.
  2. Never ever forget the basics.
  3. Master more than one field.
  4. Money is fleeting. So don’t worship money. Worship knowledge. Where there is knowledge, money always is.
  5. Whatever you do, do it from bottom of your heart and with genuine passion.
[*Gurukul refers to an ancient Indian system of schooling, where pupils stay at Guru’s residence for a decade or so and learn a particular subject with a single minded devotion. Also, Guru is more than just a teacher who takes money and imparts technical contents. Guru imparts Sanskaras.
**Notion of Sanskar, is hard to describe accurately in English, but roughly means ‘imparting wisdom,  not actively but passively through one’s own actions and deeds.’ Or in the manner described by Kahlil Gibran, “Wise teacher does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.”]

Domain-wise description of software skill set

  • Win 32 SDK and COM: He has done extensive project work using these two technologies. He has used almost all services that are available through these technologies at one point or the other during his project work. (e.g. Winsock,  Win Comm, Win MM, Band object, IE plug in, office plug-ins, activeX, TAPI,  MAPI, SAPI etc.)
  • Window devices drivers (VxD’s to WDF).
  • “IX” World :
    • He has studied the internals of all main ix systems viz. Unix, BSD versions, Solaris, Linux and Mac OS X. He has written device drivers ranging from serial port to GPU on various ix based systems.
    • He is writing an ix based operating system of his own called “Viramix” for the educational purposes.
    • Special mention must be made of his operating system zoo. He is very fond of installing multiple operating systems on single machine and he has installed around 20 operating systems on his server machine including various versions of Windows and Linux distributions, Hacintosh, FreeBSD and OpenSolaris.
  • Embedded platform :
    • Hardware Architectures: Intel, ARM.
    • Operating System/software Platforms: Windows CE, iPhone and Android, PocketPC SDK and uCLinux.
  • Multimedia programming: He has handled various media formats programmatically and has a sound knowledge of underlying theory of digital signal processing. He is Apple Final Cut Studio Master. Path he had chosen for the certification is as follows:
    • Final Cut Pro:  Real time editing of DV, SD HD video formats.
    • Color:  Color grading application
    • Motion: Real-time motion graphics design
    • Soundtrack Pro:  Advanced audio editing and sound design
    • DVD Studio Pro:  Encoding , authoring and burning
  • OpenGL and DirectX:  He has programmed extensively in openGL using fixed function as well as programmable pipeline on all three major platforms viz. Windows, Mac and Linux. He uses native windowing on all platforms,
    He has equal amount of work on DirectX9, 10, 11. He has written device driver for nVidia’s GeForce GTX 295 GPU for Hacintosh operating system.
  • Parallel Programming and GPGPU: He has worked on CUDA and openCL technologies. He can use GPU technologies like CUDA for general purpose programming like handling huge data sets.

Technical Credentials